Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The virgin

Not so long ago, in the autumn of 2013, when searching for alternative investment possibilities I stumbled over FundedByMe and it really rocked my world. Supporting different projects and initiatives or even product launches had been possible for some years in the Nordics through different crowdfunding sites, but it was really cumbersome and to much effort to "micro"-invest (€500 - €10 000) in new ventures and becoming share-holder without having personal contacts within the start-up community.

My virgin crowdfunding investment 2013 was in Jascha, a Stockholm based fashion brand with great ambitions and really nice collections for women. The founders, the Melin brothers, were born into fashion and has a stabile plan for growth. They have now expanded the venture to four boutiques in the Stockholm area. So far things look promising, the fashion industry is however always high-risk - there is a constant ongoing change and a lot of competitors.

Remember that investing in early stages of any venture is always a high-risk and you should ensure to spread the risk over different forms of investments as well as industries. Do not invest money that you cannot afford to lose, but remember also that not taking any risk at all is often a bad choice ;)

Happy crowdfunding,